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"Electric Lady" Art Gallery  -  late 1980's,  Nick Padalino and Michele Delage


On April 19, 1987, Nick Padalino and Michele Delage opened "Electric Lady" Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Holland.
We opened this Art Gallery with the intention of exhibiting exclusively Fluorescent Artwork, and now, seventeen years later
in 2004, Fluorescent Artwork is still exclusively exhibited.

"Electric Lady Studios"  -  Built in 1970 by Jimi Hendrix,  52 West 8th Street, New York

Many visitors over the years have asked about the name of the Art Gallery, "Electric Lady."  I originally come from New
York, and for years I walked in front of the Recording Studio that Jimi Hendrix built in 1970, "Electric Lady Studios."
I dreamed that if I ever opened my own Art Studio, it would have to be named the same.
 In 1969 I got my first Black Light and it was then that my amazement with Fluorescent Colors began.  That was also the
time when I became inspired by Jimi Hendrix for life.  In 1999, when we opened the Museum downstairs from
"Electric Lady" Art Gallery, I had worked for seven years on the large Fluorescent "Participatory" Environment, and so
the natural selection for the name was obvious.  Jimi Hendrix called his masterpiece "Electric Ladyland," so the name of
the Museum became "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art."

Since 1987 Fluorescent Artwork has been exhibited and sold in "Electric Lady" Art Gallery, in the forms of Paintings,
Sculpture/Environments, work on paper, and mixed-media.  More recently, a large display of Fluorescent Minerals
has been installed in the Gallery, where visitors get a preview of the displays in the Museum by seeing ordinary
gray rocks that burst into unbelievable colors when they are under separate Longwave Black Lights, and
Shortwave Ultraviolet lamps. One of the newest exhibits in the Art Gallery is a large collection of framed
Fluorescent Prints.  There are over 100 Fluorescent prints on display in the Gallery, ranging from 'mind-arising' scenes
of Amsterdam's incomparable architecture and canals, to Fluorescent Prints of the Fluorescent "Participatory"
Environment in the Museum, and other Fluorescent Artwork.  I make these Fluorescent Prints with very vivid
Fluorescent Inks, so when they are seen under a Black Light, they Fluoresce with extreme brilliance.
When these Fluorescent Prints are then seen in normal White light, they have the same beautiful colors as
regular prints.  The most recent digital addition to the Art Gallery is five different CD-Roms.
 These CD-Roms contain advanced study of the phenomenon of Fluorescence, including "Fluorescent Minerals,"
"Common Items that are Fluorescent," "Fluorescent Mineral Artwork," and two Virtual Tour CD-Roms of
"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art," which are made to present the different displays and
demonstrations of the Museum visit in the same order that the Museum visitor experiences them.
For examples of Fluorescent Prints, Amsterdam Prints, Art Prints, Museum Prints, and the CD-Roms,
click these blue links to take you directly to "Artshop" pages 9,12,13,14, and 15 of this website.








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"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, 1015 TB Amsterdam, Holland
Tel/fax: (0031) - 020 - 4203776
Email: electriclady21@hotmail.com
All Artwork, Photographs, and Text:  ©Nick Padalino, 1999-2004