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This is the Fluorescent Artwork of Artist Michele Delage.  I opened "Electric Lady" Art Gallery together with Michele in
1987, and her ideas were instrumental in the planning and building of "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
which we opened together in 1999.  The work is comprised of several different media, including Paintings, Prints, and Collage.

All Artwork Copyright Michele Delage, 1999-2004
All Photographs Copyright Nick Padalino, 1999-2004


React Under Black Lights (U.V. lamps) and Phosphoresce (Glow-in-the-Dark)

These three Collages were made as a series together, and are unique,  there is only one of each like the Paintings.  The Collages
are Fluorescent and Phosphorescent pieces of Art, which are mounted on Fluorescent Prints, then framed behind glass.
The photographs below show each piece of Art in three different states.  The Left photos are in the normal White Light.
The Middle photos are under Black Lights (U.V. lamps.)  The Right photos show the same piece of Art Phosphorescing
(Glowing-in-the-Dark) with all the lights turned off.  The Phosphorescent pigments used in these Collages will  Glow-in-the-Dark
for up to five hours.


         Collage 1 -  White Light                 Collage 1 -  Black Light                Collage 1 -  Phosphorescent

           Collage 2 -  White Light                  Collage 2 -  Black Light               Collage 2 -  Phosphorescent

         Collage 3 -  White Light                 Collage 3 -  Black Light              Collage 3 -  Phosphorescent


React Under Black Lights (U.V. lamps) and Phosphoresce (Glow-in-the-Dark)

The following photographs below show each Painting in two different states.  The Left photos show the brilliant Fluorescence
under Black Lights.  The Right photos are taken with all the lights off, showing the amazing multi-colored Phosphorescence,
which can be seen for up to five hours.  These Paintings are made with a variety of Luminous substances, including
Fluorescent Sands, Fluorescent Glues, Fluorescent Paints, and Phosphorescent Paints.
The Paintings are made on prepared solid wood, and come with General lighting suggestions, and are ready to hang.


         Painting 1 -  Black Light                                                    Painting 1 -  Phosphorescent

       Painting 2 -  Black Light                                                   Painting 2 -  Phosphorescent

        Painting 3 -  Black Light                                                   Painting 3 -  Phosphorescent

            Painting 4 -  Black Light                                                Painting 4 -  Phosphorescent


Ordering Instructions
Collage 1 -  Framed Size:  11 x 17"  (30 x 40 cm.)    $300.-
Collage 2 -  Framed Size:  11 x 17"  (30 x 40 cm.)    $300.-
Collage 3 -  Framed Size:  11 x 17"  (30 x 40 cm.)    $300.-

Painting 1 -  Diameter:  8.2"  (21 cm.)    $350.-
Painting 2 -  Diameter:  8.2"  (21 cm.)    $350.-
Painting 3 -  Diameter:  8.2"  (21 cm.)    $350.-
Painting 4 -  Diameter:  8.2"  (21 cm.)    $350.-

World Wide Shipping and Handling  $25.- per Collage
World Wide Shipping and Handling  $25.- per Painting
World Wide Shipping and Handling - Registered and Insured  $30.- per Collage
World Wide Shipping and Handling - Registered and Insured  $30.- per Painting

Matted Prints of each of the Collages and Paintings are also available,
photographed in the White Light, Black Light, or Phosphorescent states.
They are matted on Dark Blue Velvet board, and are ready for framing.

Matted Print (U.S.):  11 x 14"  (Print Size:  8 x 11")    $50-
 Matted Print (Euro):  30 x 40 cm.  (Print Size:  A-4)    $50-

World Wide Shipping and Handling  $10.-
Combined Shipping for up to 3 Matted Prints:  $10.-
Free Shipping and Handling for up to 3 Matted Prints when Ordered together
with a Collage or Painting.

When Ordering these Matted Prints, please specify which Collage or Painting
you want a Print of, and
which state of Lighting (as in the photographs above.)
Also specify which of the two sizes available you want your Matted Print (US or Euro,)
and if you want Registered and Insured Shipping and Handling.

Please see Last page of "Fluorescent Artshop" - "ORDERING INFORMATION"
for Payment details


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"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, 1015 TB Amsterdam, Holland
Tel/fax: (0031) - 020 - 4203776
Email: electriclady21@hotmail.com
All Artwork, Photographs, and Text:  ©Nick Padalino, 1999-2004