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These CD-Roms were made for "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art" in Amsterdam,
which opened April 19, 1999.  "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art" was also the first Museum
to open that is totally dedicated to the phenomenon of Fluorescence.
CD-Roms 2-5 come complete with a detailed listing of all images, front, inner, and back descriptive color inserts, and jewel case.
CD-Rom 1 is simpler with only photographs of the Fluorescent "Participatory" Environment in the Museum, and comes with a
back descriptive color insert and jewel case.  All CD-Roms were made to run on either Macintosh (Apple) or PC (Windows.)

All Photographs, Artwork, and text Copyright Nick Padalino, 1999-2004


CD-Rom 1 -  "Electric Ladyland"
This CD-Rom contains 26 high quality images of the Fluorescent "Participatory" Environment that visitors enter in
"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art."  This is a large room-sized piece of Art - an Environment
that is physically entered by the visitors with a 1000 watts of Black Lights inside.  An area of the Environment allows
visitors themselves to experience the act  of creation through what I call "Participatory" Art.


CD-Rom 2 - "Fluorescent Minerals"
This CD-Rom "Fluorescent Minerals" has 61 photographs of minerals displayed under White Light, Longwave Ultraviolet lamps,
Shortwave Ultraviolet lamps, and in some cases photographed while Phosphorescing in the dark.
The First section of the CD-Rom is "LONGWAVE U.V. MINERALS" containing photographs of plain, colorless Fluorescent
Minerals first under the White Light, and then bursting into brilliant colors under Longwave U.V. lamps.
The Second section "SHORTWAVE U.V. MINERALS" has photographs of Fluorescent Minerals under the White Light,
and then under Shortwave U.V. lamps.
Fluorescent minerals are photographed in the White light, Longwave U.V., Shortwave U.V., and in two specimens, also
during Phosphorescence.  These rare Fluorescent minerals show dramatic color changes from the Longwave U.V.
to the Shortwave U.V.
The Forth section displays a very rare phenomenon "TWO COLOR PHOSPHORESCENCE" in which
a crystal of Telingua, Texas Calcite is Fluorescent in two different colors under two different wavelengths of Ultraviolet,
and then Phosphorescent in two different colors in total darkness.
"FLUORESCENT PHANTOM ZONES" are photographed in the Fifth section.  These are very rare occurrences that can be
seen only under the Ultraviolet lamp.  These different crystals are clear and transparent in the White Light, and change
completely to very distinct colored zoned bands inside the crystal only visible under Ultraviolet lamps.
The Sixth section "ORGANIC FLUORESCENCE" has rare Sea Shells and Salt crystals (Halite) displaying brilliant colors
under U.V. lamps.
The Last section has photographs of the displays of 500 lbs. (240 kilos) of Fluorescent Minerals on display in
"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art" under White Light, Longwave U.V., and Shortwave U.V.
All the photographs were taken with Professional Slide Film and a Nikon - No Digital pictures!  A Wratten Barrier Filter
was used, and super-long exposure times were needed- up to 32 minutes - to capture the true vivid, saturated colors
emitted from these wonders of nature.


CD-Rom 3 - "Fluorescent Mineral Artwork"
65 photographs of "Fluorescent Mineral Art" from the 1950's are on this CD-Rom.  This is very early Fluorescent Artwork
made with crushed Fluorescent Minerals and Crystals only, No paints or anything else synthetic.
It was a very long and laborious process to make these very early "Fluorescent Mineral Artwork" involving crushing the
Fluorescent Minerals and Crystals with hammers by hand, and then tweezer-seperating the pulverized fragments into 20 shades
of Green and 12 shades of Red in the dark under Longwave and Shortwave U.V. lamps.
The sculpture on the cover of the CD-Rom took 6 months to make by a Japanese man named Miera, who lived in New Jersey
in the 1950's.


CD-Rom 4 - "Common Items that are Fluorescent"
78 pages of Photographs and Text showing very common items under the White Light and the Black Light.
"Common Items that are Fluorescent" includes things that people see very often - many items on this CD-Rom
are a common part of almost everyone's daily lives, like food and money, for example.
Included are such oddities as:  55 different Fluorescent Foods, Money Stamps and Train Tickets, Depression Glass,
Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Plastics, Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Paint Pigments, Spices, Teas, Sea Shells, Sand,
Coral, Trees, Flowers, Lichens, Amber, Gemstones, Bones, Fossils, and Ivory!


CD-Rom 5 - "Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
This CD-Rom of 75 images was made with the intention of having a 'virtual tour' of the Museum, containing all the major
displays in the Museum presented in the same order that the visitor sees them on their tour.  The CD-Rom tour begins with
the "Jurassic Environment" which is in the entrance of the Museum and seen first by visitors.
The Fluorescent "Participatory"  Environment is then entered to start the Museum experience.
Next, in subdued lighting, the Demonstrations begin with "The Fluorescent Mineral Viewing Box,"
then "Common Items that are Fluorescent," Artifacts and Advertisements of Fluorescence back to 1932,
"Fluorescent Mineral Artwork" from the 1950's, and demonstrations on Fluorescent Crystals and Minerals and the Science
of Fluorescence.  Finally, the visitors see the "Bernadeth Grotto" with tiny statues, crystals, and Fluorescent Minerals.


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"Electric Ladyland - the First Museum of Fluorescent Art"
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 5, 1015 TB Amsterdam, Holland
Tel/fax: (0031) - 020 - 4203776
Email: electriclady21@hotmail.com
All Artwork, Photographs, and Text:  ©Nick Padalino, 1999-2004